<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/55/37/88/27/190731090155.jpg?t=1586069187"><br>Featured in Western Interiors Magazine &amp; designed by renowned Terry Hunziker for himself, this splendid West facing waterfront property offers small modern luxury lifestyle, coupled with a 2-bed modernized historic 1924 log cabin nestled among the trees. The long serene driveway of ferns, towering specimens of Evergreens, and Fir trees leads you to this one-of-a-kind property, perched at waters-edge on 5 private acres. Property features 216 ft of water-frontage with private stairs to tranquil sandy beach and rock bulkhead. Modern Luxury: Commercial applications of steel wrapped exterior and interior walls were skillfully appointed in this architectural masterpiece. Floor to ceiling sliding walls of windows open to the outdoors to capture the views over Saratoga Passage, known for its deep water boat traffic and whales. Historic Cabin: Modernized with fine finishes, offers 2 bedrooms each with baths. A natural rock fireplace large in scale crackling, as the glimmer of the steel staircase sets the intimate mood on a stormy night. At Sunset: A pair of eagles soar by as you unwind to witness the sunset as Mt. Rainier changes in color before your eyes. From Sea to Sky - Saratoga Sancuary Is A True Pacific NW Retreat.<br>